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A skinable, portable, innovative Application Launcher, Countdown and Tree Notes
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Andy Goh
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6 July 2011

Editor's review

8start Launcher is the most convenient and advanced way to launch your start menu.
This exclusive startup and applications launching utility will change the way you use your desktop. The tool will smartly remove all possible hiccups that may occur during applications and programs launching. The tool will smartly remove the cumbersome process of launching programs from its shortcuts on your desktop. Therein the tool replaces them in a much more precise and categorized way with the option to display them graphically. It becomes easier in identifying programs from the displayed groups and icons. The other features of the tool are; it removes all hindrances on your desktop and makes your wallpaper visible clearer, cleaner desktop with menus accessible with a single click, display of removable drive capacity and free space, labeling options and much more.
This must have tool with its simple interface is added with the feature to support the Windows Vista too.

Publisher's description

A skinable, portable, innovative Application Launcher with Countdown and Tree Notes Taking features. A whole new way of launching programs and files, making your desktop clean, countdown to / for specific time in system tray, and access/share notes fast and easy.
Starting programs from shortcuts on desktop and start menu is an obsolete and cumbersome process. Now it is made precise with categorization and graphic options. All your favorite programs, folders or documents can be easily identified from the groups and the icons displayed. The skinable design and the graphical interface make your desktop much more viewable and useful than all your wallpapers and shortcuts put together.
You can maintain a clean desktop and access any favorite program/folders/documents with a single click. Clear, useful groups replace the clutter of icons on your desktop. Even the menu is better than the standard start menu.
The innovative Countdown feature which reside in System Tray, make you countdown always visible when you access to other application e.g. MS Word, MS Excel...
With Tree Notes Taking feature, you can access and share notes fast and easy. Notes can be store in local computer, portable drive and file server. You can access combination of notes (in different locations) in few mouse clicks
8start Launcher
8start Launcher
Version 3.0
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User comments

If been searching this for a very long time. I value it very much. Speeds up my work
It took a little trial and error and reading between the lines to figure out some of the features but well worth it.
I`ve been using it for about 2 weeks now & can`t live without it.
Plus, I can now see my desktop wallpaper.

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